New from In Her Element: the Nourishing Cocoa Balm!

The very first product we launched was the Nourish & Cleanse Balm. We wanted it to be a multi-purpose balm that you can apply all over the body to help moisturize dry areas and even remove makeup. We sadly had to discontinue it to make way for and focus on our other products.

When a friend of our founder Liz Lanuzo told her how the balm helped her lips get through the harsh Australian winter, she started to think about creating a portable version of it that people can just throw in their purses.

That is how the Nourishing Cocoa Balm was born.

In Her Element Nourishing Cocoa Balm

This balm has everything that people loved about our first balm, but has the addition of being in a tube. This has a base of coconut oil, beeswax, and cocoa butter so it doesn’t sit on your lips but actually moisturizes it. It also has a chocolate scent which makes it good enough to eat (but don’t, because this is meant for your lips)!

In Her Element Nourishing Cocoa Balm Lip Care

Use this to prep your lips before your makeup to help the lippie glide on easier and more evenly. At night, use it as an overnight lip mask by slathering a generous amount on your lips before going to bed.

Try out our Nourishing Cocoa Balm and see the difference in your lips!