Why facial oils can actually be good for oily skin

Facial oils - you either love them or you hate them. Oily-skinned folks tend to be on the second group. When our skin’s oils are combined with the tropical weather, sweat, pollution and other impurities, you’ll end up feeling like a greasy mess. So it is understandable that the idea of putting oil over oil is very intimidating.

But did you know that facial oils can actually be good for oily skin? Once you get over your fear of oils, you’ll find that they have many benefits to your skin. It’s a matter of finding which type of oil suits your skin concern best.

For an all-around oil that soothes skin, adds moisture to dry skin and hair, and lightens dark spots, sunflower oil is a favorite beauty oil. Those with acne problems can benefit from using tea tree oil thanks to its natural antibacterial properties that help heal pimple wounds. Jojoba oil is great in nourishing and adding moisture to the hair and skin.

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