One Balm, Six Uses: How to add the In Her Element Balm to your life

This article originally appeared on Project Vanity. Written by Kim Capeding.

While doing a multiple skin care routine like the Korean 10-step can be fun (and rewarding), it’s not always a practical solution. We’re busy gals and there are days when we only have enough time and energy to apply just one thing to our faces. Price is a big consideration, too, so we like going for products that serve multiple functions and give us the most bang for our buck without scrimping on quality.

In Her Element - Nourish and Cleanse Balm

That’s how we ended up with developing In Her Element, a skin care like specially designed for busy women! The first product under the brand is the Nourish and Cleanse Balm (P595), a sleek glass tub of wonder that you can use throughout your beauty routine. Here are several ways you can incorporate it to your beauty routine!

In Her Element Nourish and Cleanse Balm - With and Without Balm
Without balm and with balm

 Lip Balm

Thanks to coconut oil and cocoa butter, this balm is an instant fix for dry, chapped lips. You can use it prior to applying lipstick for a smoother application, or leave it on as an overnight moisturizing treatment for healthier lips.

In Her Element Nourish and Cleanse Balm as Cuticle Balm

Cuticle Balm

If you have dry cuticles, this is a godsend! Unlike other balms, this melts into a moisturizing, dry oil consistency so you can nourish your nails without the sticky feel.

In Her Element Nourish and Cleanse Balm as Lip Makeup Remover
Colourpop’s Ultramatte Liquid Lipstick in Beeper versus In Her Element’s Nourish and Cleanse Balm

Lip Makeup Remover

If you’ve ever owned any of the Colourpop’s Ultramatte formulas, you’ll know what a big pain it can be to remove without tugging at your skin. Cleansing is easy peasy with this balm, though! Just scoop a small amount, rub on your lips, and tissue off. This will also leave your lips soft and moisturized in the process.

Eye Makeup Remover

This balm can melt tough formulas in just a few seconds! Just massage it around your eye area and watch it melt away your waterproof shadows, liners, and mascara with relative ease.

Chafe & Blister Prevention

If you want to prevent chafes and blisters, swipe on a tiny amount of the Nourish and Cleanse Balm on the area. I find it makes wearing pencil skirts more comfortable when I apply the balm on the inside of my thighs. Applying the balm on my ankles helps me break into new shoes without the painful blisters as well!

In Her Element Nourish and Cleanse balm as Foot Moisturizer before and after
Before and after application

Foot Moisturizer

If you have dry, cracked heels, this should fix that up in an instant! You can slather the balm on your feet and wear socks overnight to get better results.

Every inch of your skin needs proper care but it doesn’t have to be too expensive or involved. From your face to your feet, the Nourish and Cleanse Balm is an all-around salve that can revive your skin and keep it healthy. Don’t just take our word for it though; we hope you give it a try yourself and let us know what other uses you can find for it!