This is why you should do the double cleansing method

In Her Element - Double Cleansing

Waterproof mascara, full-coverage foundation, liquid lipstick. These may be fun to put on for an all-day slay, but it can be a pain to take it all off! That's why we love to do the double cleansing method using a low pH cleansing oil and a low pH cleanser.

One way to keep your skin naturally soft and healthy is to use a cleansing oil when taking off your makeup. Using drying facial washes and micellar waters that may have too much alcohol can dry out your skin. This will then cause it to form more oil to compensate. 

In Her Element Double Cleansing with Sunflower Wash-Off Cleansing Oil
On the other hand, a cleansing oil like our Sunflower Wash-Off Cleansing Oil (P695) cleans off all the makeup and dirt from deep into the skin without it stripping off the skin’s natural oils thanks to its low pH level of 5.5-6. As you massage on the cleansing oil on your face, this emulsifies with your makeup so all you need is to wash this off with water! It's a great first wash on its own when all you need to remove is sunscreen or light makeup. Dispense several pumps of the oil into clean, dry hands, and then massage onto dry skin. 

In Her Element Double Cleansing - Low pH Rose Gel Cleanser
Follow this up with a low pH cleanser like our Low pH Rose Gel Cleanser (P675/P375). This can remove any remaining dirt so your skin is clean and soft to the touch. A low pH cleanser helps to maintain your skin's moisture barrier so it can naturally protect your skin from dirt and acne-causing bacteria! Dispense a full pump of the cleanser onto clean hands and then let it suds up on your skin as you massage it on.

Start double cleansing today, and see the difference in how soft and clean your skin can be!