Five travel-friendly skincare tips

In Her Element Travel Sized Low pH Rose Gel Cleanser

Traveling in itself can be very stressful - from the planning to the actual trip itself. Packing for a trip soon? Keep these tips in mind so you can travel with your skincare hassle-free.

  • Do not experiment on your skincare.

Now is not the time to play around with your skincare. Play it safe and stick to skincare that works for you!

  • Stick to the 100ml rule.

While you can still put your skincare in your carry-on, make sure to place them in clear containers that are no larger than 100ml. Place them in a clear ziplock which also doubles as protection from any spillage. The total liquid content of this bag must not exceed 1 liter.

  • Check in the rest of your skincare.

Leave large tubs and tubes at home. Got skincare in glass containers? Invest in travel-friendly containers where you can decant your favorite skincare items.

  • Seal everything!

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure to put all skincare items in a ziplock so you can avoid any unwanted spillage and to keep them safe for when the airplane suddenly experiences turbulence.

  • Breaking out? Balance is key.

So your skin decides to act out while you travel. Re-balance your skin by using a low pH cleanser. A low pH cleanser helps to maintain your skin’s moisture barrier by keeping its natural acidity so your skin’s surface becomes unfriendly to acne-causing bacteria. Then, use a facial oil with jojoba and tea tree oil to help calm down the spots.

Exploring a new place soon? Make sure to keep our Mini Low pH Rose Gel Cleanser handy in your travel bag!