Unveiled: The new In Her Element First Wash Cleansing Oil

This article originally appeared on Projectvanity.com. Written by Liz Lanuzo.

Over the years, there are two things that have become crystal clear to me about skincare: the first is that cleansing gently and thoroughly prevents so, so many problems like acne, flakes, and dullness. The second is that maintaining the skin's moisture barrier is non-negotiable no matter how oily or lazy we are. This means that we have to cleanse and moisturize every day, twice a day, if we are to keep our skin balanced and healthy! You can forget everything else but these - and well, sunscreen - are the absolute basics when it comes to caring for your face.

In Her Element First Wash Cleansing Oil bottle

That's why for In Her Element Skincare's next product, we worked on a brightening, moisturizing, and boosting cleansing oil. The First Wash Cleansing Oil (P450 for 100ml) is designed to remove makeup quickly and thoroughly with its emulsifying formula. This is non-drying compared to micellar waters and will not require a separate lip and eye remover to wash off waterproof formulas. Yup, it can take off the toughest mascaras and eyeliners, as well as cut through heavy layers of foundation.

Even if you don't wear much makeup though, I would still recommend using this as a first (or even only) cleanser to take out water-resistant sunscreen. You know how some people break out after using sunscreen for the first time (or just a new formula)? It's because most sunscreens are designed to be sweat-resistant and thus do not wash off easily with just a soapy cleanser.

In Her Element First Wash Cleansing Oil

The First Wash Cleansing oil is a gentle cleanser that won't strip your skin of its moisture barrier. To use, just shake the bottle thoroughly, apply one pump to dry skin, and massage to break down makeup. This rinses off with just water! You can follow up with your fave foaming facial wash, or go straight to your skincare routine if you feel that your face is already clean. 

Here it is in action! I used some of my toughest eye makeup here and possibly the most pigmented, thick lipstick in my stash.

Cool right? This cleansing oil has literally five ingredients: Grape Seed Oil (to brighten), Sweet Almond Oil and Coconut Oil (to moisturize), Polysorbate 80 (non-comedogenic emulsifier), Vitamin E (anti-oxidant). I made sure to have only premium oils in the formula to maximize the oils' skin benefits. I mean, mineral oil is totally fine, but it doesn't do much for the skin! It's one of the cheapest oils around too, but we wanted to do better than that and offer something more for our customers.

In Her Element First Wash Cleansing Oil

Did I mention it's fragrance-free? It has a very mild coconut-y scent but we chose not to add fragrance, as it may be too overwhelming while cleansing. Everything is made right here in the Philippines, and features botanically-derived main ingredients with no preservatives.

I hope you guys enjoy the new In Her Element First Wash Cleansing Oil as much as I do. We worked so hard on it, and it'd be awesome if it became part of your skincare routine. <3 You may purchase it at inherelement.ph for only P450!

Product photography by Samantha Gonzales