Why you need to add a facial mist to your routine

In Her Element Rosewater Moisture Mist Why you need to add facia mist

Does your face feel dry as you work in a cold, air conditioned office? Or does your makeup look too heavy and powdery? A facial mist can spray away these problems!

A facial mist can help give your skin that boost of moisture especially when you’re in a cold, dry environment. Airconditioning takes moisture from the air and your skin, too, so it’s important to rehydrate your face directly with a mist. This is a great way to apply skincare mid-day, without having to remove your makeup.

If you love to put on a full face of glam, a facial mist can help give your face a more dewy look, especially if the finished look is too matte. When you spritz this on after makeup, it helps to settle down the layers faster. 

Ready to get into misting? Check out our Rosewater Moisture Mist (P945)! This has Rosewater to help soothe and balance skin, Niacinamide to brighten, and Chicory Root extract to help give your skin that flawless, pore-free look.