Basic Balance Routine


Back by popular demand! This is the perfect gift to anyone who wants that low-maintenance glow.


Mini Low pH Rose Gel Cleanser

More than just your average facial wash, the Low pH Rose Gel Cleanser (P375, 50ml) is a mild purifying cleanser that contains active botanical ingredients to help you achieve clearer, brighter skin. It also features a low pH level (a friendly 5.5-6), which maintains your skin's moisture barrier - keeping acne-causing bacteria away as well as overly dry or oily skin. Balance is key in skincare and this is the ultimate facial wash to help you achieve it.

Rose Gel Serum Moisturizer

Ever wished your moisturizer did more? The Rose Gel Serum Moisturizer (P895, 30ml) is a serum and moisturizer hybrid that contains targeted active ingredients to smooth out pores and lines, brighten the complexion, and fade dark spots. The ultra light gel texture is absorbed instantly and never feels sticky. This is the ultimate moisturizer for achieving bright, glowy, and bouncy skin!



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