Fresh At Home Set

₱1,799 ₱2,257.50

Staying safe at home is our number one priority, but nothing feels as uplifting as looking fresh and ready for the day! Look good on Zoom or step out for that grocery run with our Fresh At Home Set - it contains two of our best-selling skincare products, the Low pH Rose Gel Cleanser and Rose Gel Serum Moisturizer to balance and soften skin, then spray the Rosewater Moisture Mist for that instant glow without needing foundation! Finish it off with the Butterlips Conditioning Color, a moisturizing lip color that stains lightly during the day.

What you're getting: 

1 x Low pH Rose Gel Cleanser

1 x Rose Gel Serum Moisturizer

1 x Rosewater Moisture Mist

1 x Butterlips Conditioning Color of your choice



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